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High-Value Asset Tracking

Advanced High-Value Asset Tracking

Every business and organization has critical high-value assets they want to track and monitor. LBS and M2M technology have revolutionized asset tracking, giving you unprecedented visibility into asset location and condition. Whether you’re trying to prevent theft and recover stolen assets; optimize asset utilization; or prevent spoilage, damage, and loss: Omnilink’s high-value asset tracking solution helps you answer questions like:

Where are my assets?
Where have my assets been?
Are my assets where they’re supposed to be?
Were my assets ever somewhere they shouldn’t be?
Did my asset travel outside of approved zones?
Where are my assets in relation to one another?

Where and when did my asset make stops?
For how long did they stop?
Are my assets making unauthorized stops or detours?

What temperature are my perishable assets?
Have my sensitive assets been exposed to light?
How much humidity have my assets been exposed to?
Have my assets experienced a damaging level of pressure?
Have my assets spoiled?
Can an intervention prevent spoilage/damage?

Is my asset safe, or has it been stolen?
Where is my valuable asset right now?
Did my stolen asset make any stops?
To what houses, gas stations, or businesses should police go to find out more about the thieves?
What direction is my stolen asset headed?
What road is my stolen asset on?
Is my stolen asset near any major roads or interstate highways?
What route should the police take to intercept my stolen asset?

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